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We Make
Multiplayer Simple

Let your players enjoy an experience like in some of the world's most successful multiplayer games. Start creating your own multiplayer app

The Most Trusted
Multiplayer Service

Over 1.4 billion monthly players in our global Photon Cloud

High-End State Synchronization Networking

  • Snapshot Interpolation
  • Full Prediction Systems
  • Lag Compensation
  • High Player Count

Photon Fusion is an evolutionary leap in high performance multiplayer on multiple topologies.

Blazing Fast
for Unity

  • No Netcode
  • Zero Lag & E-Sport Grade
  • Cheat Protection
  • Bot SDK

Photon Quantum is a full deterministic multiplayer engine which can predict & rollback on physics, inputs, and more.

Unparalleled Cross Platform Support

Develop and build directly for your chosen gaming platform to reach your audience no matter if they are on mobile, PC, consoles or VR/AR. All Photon multiplayer SDKs support full cross-play.

Renowned Brands Use Photon
For Their Applications

Fortune 500 companies use Photon to power real-time applications for experiences, education, critical operations, and more.

With decades of success running the best games in the world, Photon reliability and accuracy is ideal for real-world applications.

See details about the Photon Industries Circle

The Photon Ecosystem –
Operating Games at Massive Scale

Photon products let you build and launch multiplayer games worldwide across all platforms. You can focus on developing your game while we scale to meet the needs of your players - from the first users to millions.

Ecosystem - Overview

Quantum and Fusion – Benchmark Multiplayer Engines

Fusion's features, performance and achievable player count on multiple network topologies are unmatched for state-sync engines. Quantum is a deterministic predict/rollback game engine that leads with zero lag and no netcode.

Ecosystem - Multiplayer

Voice and Chat – Flexible and Secure Communications

Secure voice and text chat for games, virtual worlds or other online communities. Voice and Chat provide low-latency comms with features such as 3D audio, noise reduction, echo cancellation, smart messages and more.

Ecosystem - Communication

Base Layer for Multiplayer Games and Applications

Realtime is the low-level API for multiplayer, matchmaking, NAT punch-through, rooms management, custom properties, encryption and a lot more. Realtime is the foundation for our higher-level network engines Quantum and Fusion.

Ecosystem - Realtime

Scalable, Reliable and Always Connects.

Photon apps run in our low-latency Cloud where our operations team monitors servers 24/7. Photon Cloud scales to any number of players and can be upgraded with SLAs, enhanced DDOS protection and plugins for custom server logic.

Ecosystem - Cloud

Full World-Wide Coverage for Realtime Multiplayer

Photon is hosted in all major regions to support world-wide low latency connections in ALL countries. Flexible connection settings allow player agglomeration to find the quickest match.

Ecosystem - Servers

Used by More Than 700,000 Studios and Developers


Fast Gameplay for Billions of Players
Across Any Genre

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Photon Details

Discover a summary of our product range, notable features, the power of the Photon Cloud, and our cost-effective pricing plans.

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