Bolt lets you build networked games in Unity without having to know the details of networking or write any complex networking code yourself.

Asset Store Reviews

You want Networking, you want this. (Goto Review)
What can I say, this is simply the best networking solution I have seen and used for Unity. Starting out follow the Tutorial on the owners website, and 15 minutes later I had a server and client running. the package supports so much already on release even Mechanim Animations across the network - and all easy to set up. Many great features to be added by the author by the time it comes out of beta. So get it now while its at a great price.

Even if you know what you're doing, this will vastly improve your workflow! (Goto Review)
Even if you have your own networking solution, there's no way you've polished it to the extent that Bolt has. Hands down, the best asset I've ever gotten on the Unity store!.

Finally Makes Unity Networking Viable (Goto Review)
Best Unity networking solution period. Neither Photon nor TNet come even remotely close to the flexibility and power of Bolt. Extremely advanced client side prediction, optimized synchronisation, and the best damn support I have ever seen in an Unity asset - I am definitely recommening this left and right.

Simple and Incredible (Goto Review)
In a single day of working with Bolt, I have silky smooth, authoritative multiplayer in my game. I've purchased a number of the creator's assets (All of which have recently been made open source), and they are always of the highest quality. This is no exception. His support on the Unity forums is always top notch, and worth the price of admission alone.

Bolt exceeds all past efforts and makes an easy, professional solution available to anyone who understands the basic fundamentals of networking. To paraphrase and expand on one of the reviews I read while purchasing: It doesn't matter what your networking solution is, there's no way it is this solid, professional or easy to use.

Transform & State Replication

Bolt allows you to replicate both the transform and user-definable properties automatically. Everything is neatly accessible through a visual editor which lets you define and customize properties at the most detailed level.

Mecanim Replication

Bolt has the unique ability to synchronize mecanim animation parameters over the network, giving you perfectly replicated animations.

Powerful Event System

Bolt has a built-in event system which automatically distributes the event to the correct receivers, highly configurable of course. Events can also be targeted at a specific game object or globally. Three delivery modes: Unreliable, Unreliable Synced and Reliable.

... and much more

  • Authoritative movement - Built-in support for input and player controller state synchronization allows you to easily implement custom authoritative movement that suits your game.

  • Both dedicated and listen server - Bolt supports both the classic dedicated server and listen servers where the server is just another player.

  • Prioritization and scoping - Bolt supports both scoping of entities (which entities should a player be aware of) and prioritization of scoped entities (of two entities A and B that are scoped, which one is the most important for a player).

  • Hitbox recording - Bolt has built-in support for recording hitboxes and rewinding and raycasting against them, allowing you to implement complex techniques like lag compensation in first person shooters in just a few lines of code.

  • Synchronized map loading - Bolt support loading maps from the server and have all the clients load the same map, and then provide custom hooks telling the server when the client is ready and vice versa.

  • Full source code - Bolt comes with full source code, including all project files and other utilities for modifying and building Bolt binaries yourself.

  • Supports all major unity platforms - Bolt runs on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and WebPlayer. Support for Linux and Windows Phone 8 coming soon.

  • Does not require Unity Pro - Bolt does not require Unity Pro for any platform and will run without problems on the free iOS and Android version of Unity.

Purchase Options

You can purchase a license for Bolt either directly from us through PayPal, or you can purchase it through the Unity Asset Store. Licenses purchased directly from us are subject to our own End User License Agreement, while licenses purchased through Unity are subject to the Unity Asset Store EULA. The benefit of buying from us directly is that you will be getting updates to Bolt a lot faster since they don't have to go through the asset store approval process, which takes about one week on avarage.