crossed1State Replication

Replicate both game object transforms and user-definable properties automatically, no need for any code. Everything is neatly accessible through a visual editor which lets you define and customize properties at a detailed level.

Mecanim Replication

Replicate mecanim animations automatically over the network, giving you perfectly replicated animations for all your characters, again without any custom code required.


If you are building an authoritative game you will enjoy the built in solutions for both authoritative movement with client-side prediction and lag compensated ray-casting.

Unity_LogoUnity Free

Bolt works perfectly on the free version of Unity, including both iOS Free and Android Free.

And much more …

  • Support for both dedicated server and master clients where one player is the server.
  • Prioritization, scoping and freezing of entities allows you to customize what data that flows over the wire, allowing you to build huge worlds with many players and networked objects by only sending the data each player really needs.
  • Runs on most Unity platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Web Player, PSVita and PlayStation 4. Xbox One and Wii U support is in development.
  • Networked scene-loading which gives you an easy way to load scenes in Unity over the network and also making sure that you know when all players are loaded into the map.
  • Automatic session discovery allows your game to automatically find servers running on a local LAN/WiFi.
  • Powerful event system which lets you easily decouple the different parts of your code from each other.
  • UPnP support for automatic opening of ports in routers.


What can I say, this is simply the best networking solution I have seen and used for Unity. Starting out follow the Tutorial on the owners website, and 15 minutes later I had a server and client running. the package supports so much already on release even Mechanim Animations across the network – and all easy to set up. Many great features to be added by the author by the time it comes out of beta. So get it now while its at a great price.

Even if you have your own networking solution, there’s no way you’ve polished it to the extent that Bolt has. Hands down, the best asset I’ve ever gotten on the Unity store!.

Best Unity networking solution period. Neither Photon nor TNet come even remotely close to the flexibility and power of Bolt. Extremely advanced client side prediction, optimized synchronisation, and the best damn support I have ever seen in an Unity asset – I am definitely recommening this left and right.

Bolt exceeds all past efforts and makes an easy, professional solution available to anyone who understands the basic fundamentals of networking. To paraphrase and expand on one of the reviews I read while purchasing: It doesn’t matter what your networking solution is, there’s no way it is this solid, professional or easy to use.

This thing is truly magical and powerful. Not only is it user-friendly, but it’s REALLY BLOODY POWERFUL. It is quite similar to Source’s Networking in a way, and it has built-in client-side prediction and lag compensation. Great for action-based multiplayer games! It is by far the easiest and most powerful network solution you’re going to find for Unity.

I’ve tried developing multiplayer unity games many times before, using Bolt has been the first time I’ve felt like I really understand and am in control of all the games networking.
In all my other attempts I’ve always ended up importing large amounts of code I don’t understand and completely losing control over my own game.
Bolt breaks things down into small pieces and has a great tutorial which explains well how everything ties in together.
It’s such a liberating feeling, having a networking solution I can shape to my game, instead of shaping my game to fit the networking code I can’t understand.